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    When and why to wear welding goggles

    Welding processes produce intense ultraviolet and infrared rays that cannot be seen and can cause eye damage immediately and even without realizing it. That is why it is necessary that in the welding process use of glasses with the appropriate protection filter and that the welder can see well the metal that is being welded. In addition, this type of glasses have side protectors that prevent the access of sparks.


    Does the price influence in the quality of a welder’s goggle?

    The price does not influence so much, but the filter you choose for the type or intensity of welding applied. That is, depending on whether it is more intense or longer, you will need a stronger level of darkness. This is what the different DINs refer to.


    What filter or NOT to choose for my welding glasses

    The DIN in welding goggles represents the degree of filtration offered by the lens. This is standardized by the DIN agency (Deutsches Institut für Normung) and the scale is established between 1 and 15, with 1 being a completely transparent glass and 15 a completely opaque glass. It is necessary to graduate the opacity in the glasses since each welding technique presents a flame with different characteristics and different emissions in the ultraviolet and infrared spectrum, and which requires more or less protection, so the lens must be able to withstand said intensity no risk of failure. You can consult us if you have doubts about which DIN is the most suitable for your job or welding activity.


    Buy prescription welding glasses or wear glasses covers

    If it is for occasional jobs you can buy a welding goggle that overlaps your graduated goggle, this is the most profitable and practical option. Now, if your welding activity is prolonged and daily, it is advisable to invest in a graduated welding goggle. At Pegaso we have the option of graduating a goggle with a superimposed welding filter, this will allow you to work much more comfortably and efficiently.


    How to choose protective glasses for welding

    First you must know what type of welding the glasses are intended for. Then be realistic with the time of exposure of the eyes with the task and then inform yourself about what DIN you need for that type of activity. Once you know the DIN, you can assess if you need a graduated or neutral glasses and choose from the various models that are offered. You can visit our catalog and consult the characteristics of the different welding glasses that we offer.

    Frequent questions


    What are the risks of welding and why do we have to wear protective glasses?

    The risks can be mechanical, chemical or radiation. These can cause burns to the cornea, retina or lens, induce irritations and conjunctivitis to severe burns or total loss of vision. That is why it is so important to protect ourselves with welding safety glasses and avoid injuries.


    What is welding glare?

    It is a discomfort in vision as a consequence of excessive exposure to light produced by such activity, reducing the ability to differentiate objects depending on the exposure time.


    How do I know what intensity of darkness I need in my welding safety lens?

    Depending on the flow and intensity of the welding machine you will need a higher or lower DIN. They are usually used between DIN 3 and DIN 7.

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