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    Tips for buying laser protection glasses

    The laser is a very useful instrument used in multiple fields, although not without dangers and risks, specifically for the eyes. This can cause total or partial loss of vision even at small powers. Consequently, laser protection should be considered of great importance in the world of work and be taken seriously and never as a mere procedure, so these tips must be taken into account.


    Determine the need for protection and laser with which it works

    The laser class must be described on the device chassis in a yellow sticker. This information must be taken into account when choosing the right glasses for the job. If there is no such label, look in the technical specifications in the laser instrument instruction book. The data needed to determine adequate protection is in particular the wavelength, which determines the type of laser used, and the power, which determines its strength.


    Acquire certified laser protection glasses

    Do not choose any safety glasses if you do not have the knowledge to do so or do not know the appropriate degree of protection that they must have to protect themselves properly. Specialists in the sector will help and advise you correctly.


    Cheap is expensive and in eye protection it is better not to skimp!

    If you choose a goggle simply for aesthetics or for price, these parameters will not protect you from the laser. You have to decide on a pair of glasses with the appropriate properties for your workplace and laser exposure. Take into account, above all, that the protection is certified and then from there you can assess the other parameters: such as price, aesthetics, service, availability, etc.


    Protective glasses for pulsed light

    The use of protective glasses is mandatory with laser and pulsed light epilators at epilation centers. This is so because they have a higher power than household epilators. In Pegaso you can find all the laser glasses you need according to your needs.

    Frequent questions


    What are laser protection glasses for?

    To protect ourselves against the presence of the laser in the multiple activities that it is present. However small the powers may cause irreversible injuries, it is recommended to always wear safety glasses.


    Why should I wear safety glasses at my laser hair removal session?

    Because with this type of machine, a light with various wavelengths is released that exposes you to the flash and ultraviolet light that causes eye injuries such as cataracts, glaucoma or photochemical damage to the cornea. Safety glasses absorb or reflect these lengths, protecting us from waves that are harmful to the eyes.


    How do I know which filter I need for my laser safety glasses?

    The power and class of the laser are included in the device’s chassis to determine the adequate protection that your glasses need.

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