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    When to wear laboratory or chemical risk glasses

    The chemical risk is present mainly in the medical environment, in the food industry or in the field of waste management, where microorganisms can contaminate the individual. With the aim of eliminating all risks to chemical substances, Pegaso proposes a selection of certified glasses for work with both chemical and biological risks.

    What to take into account when choosing a laboratory glasses

    Above all, the needs of the workplace must be taken into account, especially if we have the presence of chemical risks, where the individual is exposed to splashes or particle impact. The eyes are a complex, fragile and very important organ so we have to protect it from any external aggression. In a laboratory we can find multiple external threats that can irreversibly damage our eyes. The obligation to wear glasses permanently is quite common in laboratories, so it is also important that the worker feels comfortable with them at all times. Pegaso offers different models, features and prices throughout the Goggle range.

    Laboratory prescription glasses

    The recommended thing is to use eyeglasses for your own prescription glasses, since it is the most profitable and effective option. Being glasses with a single lens, it is complex when it comes to add prescription.

    Goggles are not only used in laboratories

    In most occasions, it is the environment where they are most in demand, but of course, we find other works that require this type of sealed ranges and with a lens that is also resistant to different temperatures and humidity or in corrosive, flammable or projection environments. solid incandescent particles. These can be from paint booths, meat industries, cleaning and maintenance jobs, construction jobs, etc.

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    What is the role of laboratory safety glasses?

    They are useful mainly to prevent the entry of objects, liquids, powders or chemicals into the eyes.

    Where can I buy safety glasses for chemical risk?

    You can find our Pegaso laboratory glasses by contacting our customer service department.

    Can I wear laboratory protective glasses if I wear mine underneath?

    The answer is yes, there are glasses covers so you can wear your glasses with graduation underneath. The two are compatible and make you work with both comfortably.

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