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Protection for workers with intensive use of computers and devices

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Do you spend more than 8 hours in front of screens?

According to studies, in a working day, we spend an average of 11 hours in front of screens between computer, mobile and television. The main problem is that overexposure to these devices involves a risk: the blue light they emit. This type of short wave light, close to ultraviolet, requires more effort from the eyes to focus. This demand on sight over the hours can lead to what is known as the Visual Computer Syndrome that manifests itself with symptoms such as:- HeadacheDry and / or red eyesDifficulty focusingInsomnia

Glasses with blue light filter, PPE for office workers with computer

To reduce this risk during the working day of those people who make intensive use of the computer and avoid the effects of blue light, which negatively affects their productivity, there are glasses with BLUESTOP filter. It is a powerful treatment that blocks up to 40% of the harmful blue light emitted by the screens, protecting the sight with the best optical quality. The filter level of our BLUESTOP glasses has been certified by the laboratory under the ISO/FDIS 16321-1: 2019 and CE EN166 standards, and is also an PPE. These glasses, with different models of frames that adapt to all types of facial features, come with +0.00 neutral lenses and also with pre-graduated lenses for eyestrain from +1.00 to +3.00 diopters. You can also find them in our specific custom prescription lenses for the Office.

Frequent questions


What are blue light glasses for?

This type of glasses for screens are a protective barrier for our eyes against the intensive use of these. They help reduce the harmful effects of overexposure to the blue light they emit, such as headaches, dry eyes, red eyes, and insomnia. These symptoms are typical of what is known as Computer Visual Syndrome (CVS).

Where to get glasses for screens at the best price?

You can get your protective glasses for screens directly from our website and receive them at your home. Choose a frame and the type of lens: neutral 0.00 or the diopter you use up to +3.00. If you need custom prescription glasses, we also have models available. Contact our customer service department for personalized advice.

Why are blue light filtering safety glasses important for office workers?

Office workers are exposed to large amounts of blue light through intensive computer use during their workday. This exposure can cause discomfort, headaches, and negatively affect your daily productivity. Protecting your sight is very important, that is why glasses with a blue light filter contribute to reducing this risk and should be considered PPE.

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