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Improve the performance of your workers by protecting them with

prescription safety glasses.

PENTABILITY. Specific lenses for the activity
by improving their productivity and avoiding
loss of time.

COMFORTESS. Designed for prolonged use
throughout the working day.

GUARANTEE. Goggles certified under EC regulations and
rigorous quality control processes

Safety glasses Dual
Safety glasses Organik

Why you should use safety     prescription glasses?

  • The 71% of people use some kind of visual correction.
  • The 10% of occupational accidents occur in the eyes.

Given this reality, graduated eye protection is necessary at the workplace.


  • Elimination of risks of impacts on the eyes
  • Greater comfort
  • Adapted to any visual need
  • Cost savings from eye accidents

Ergonomic prescription glasses for office

They are occupational progressives that offer a field of vision
extended and adapted to the needs of the office worker,
taking into account its activity and the distance of the elements
in their working environment.

Glasses icon

Common progressive lenses are designed
to improve the visual quality of thedistant vision and
near vision.

Pc icon

Workers who make an intensive use of the
computer and other devices, require a
optimization of the intermediate and next vision.
This is what ERGONOMIC LENSES are for.

Ergonomic glasses Office

Protectors by type of industry

Why choose us to protect your workers?

Specialist in
protection since
more than 65 years

Simple and easy management in
WECUSTOM, the platform
more advanced orders.
Access from any

Quality protectors,
certificates under EC standards by 
laboratories with Notified Body

Personalized attention.
Support throughout the process,
to recommend the best
protection option

Shall we help you?

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