Safety prescription glasses for companies

We have multiple protection options for every kind of need.

Find in our range of Graduated to measure the ideal protector for each activity and risk to which the user is exposed. Learn more about the advantages of graduating your workers.

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    Look good without sacrificing level of protection

    The best way to see yourself favored with your work glasses is to take a model that defines you, from Pegaso we have the variety of models suitable for the diversity of faces, styles and work activities. We spend most of the day in our work and we all like to look good, that’s why having glasses that you like is as important as protecting yourself properly. In our range of prescription glasses for work you can find glasses of various models and characteristics:- Designs with side protection, this can be removable, so you can use the glasses in the face of a threat or in everyday use, being able to remove the protector quickly and easily. This protector allows you excellent coverage and adaptation to the eye, protecting you in environments with a high content of particles (dirt, dust or residues present in the air).- Internal foam protection that allows to better close the ocular part. This type of protection also works for tasks that are exposed not only in offices, but in production plants, workshops, construction, etc.- Rods compatible with other PPE, since some of these prescription glasses are used with other protective equipment, such as ear helmets, masks, etc.- Facilitate variety of colors when choosing the graduated glasses for the worker, it makes them better able to identify and feel better with them, therefore it will make them wear them permanently . Almost in all our models there are these variants in order to be able to offer the largest variety and offer possible on the market in prescription safety glasses.

    The most effective graduation process in safety glasses for multi-center companies

    Sometimes companies have multiple work centers and managing the graduation of all employees can be complex. That is why, at Pegaso we provide a system and process for this type of companies for greater comfort and efficiency.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Are my prescription glasses paid for by work or do I have to pay for them myself?

    Depending on the regulations or sector of the job, the company must be responsible for the graduated safety glasses of its workers. This protective equipment must be suitable for the worker and comply with maximum safety, comfort and provide the best possible vision.

    How to get prescription glasses at the best price?

    In fact you can even get free glasses if you are a company requesting a tester on our website and check if that model is the most suitable for your workers. If you have already decided on a model, you can buy through an industrial supply or hardware store, or contact our customer service department.

    How to get employees to wear safety glasses?

    It is very important that the person is comfortable with the glasses they wear every day, not only in aesthetics but also in benefits, adjusting well to their features and being comfortable for the workplace.

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