Why graduate your workers

Mod Moving prescription safety glasses

Optimal vision, essential for a productive worker

Vision is undoubtedly the most dominant of our senses, is essential in every moment of our lives and is essential to develop any work efficiently. Worldwide, the percentage of people with visual impairment is increasing year after year.

67% of the population acknowledges having some visual anomaly.

6 out of 10 people need optical equipment in their day to day to have good vision.


Workers whose workday is based on 8 hours in front of screens or who perform work involving long-term eyesight are 58% more short-sighted

This means that a large number of people are currently wearing prescription glasses in different ways, some permanently, others for specific moments (e.g. for reading) or those who even wear more than one pair of glasses.


At work, if you forget your glasses or if you need to use several pairs of glasses, the first problem arises. Minutes have an economic value for any organization, and this means wasted time that will then impact on higher costs.


On the other hand,in work where there is a risk to the worker’s visual health, it is the company’s obligation to provide PPE for their safety and according to the current regulation.

Choose the best option for visual protection

Faced with the need for visual protection at the workplace and when we have users who wear corrective glasses, we find different options of protectors.

overspecs annoying

Over specs. A simple option, because they are worn on top of the prescription glasses of the user, but because of the fact of wearing two glasses it is annoying and uncomfortable.
The use of a double lens can create a glare due to the reflection of light, which is dangerous as it can generate distraction. They are practical and economical choice for occasional use. But in case of prolonged use throughout the working day there are major drawbacks.

Safety prescription glasses for work

Custom-made prescription safety glasses.With protective lenses that meet CE standards and are a PPE, prescription glasses according to the requirements of the worker.
They allow the wearer to work comfortably with a single pair of glasses, promoting continuous use throughout the working day and reducing risks.
Avoid waste of time and improve your productivity thanks to optimal vision.

Advantages of graduating workers

Preserving the health and safety of the worker

The employer has the obligation to preserve the health and safety of the workers in his charge when carrying out the work for which he is responsible. The activity of graduating workers must be carried out by qualified optometrists and workers must be provided with certified prescription safety glasses in accordance with the standards and regulations in force.

Comply with current regulations

Article 14 of the LPRL speaks of the worker’s right to effective health and safety protection. In compliance with the duty of protection, the employer must guarantee this protection. The prescription safety goggles avoid the use of over-goggles and provide comfort during the working day.

Promoting visual quality in the performance of work activities

A worker will perform work more efficiently and accurately if he/she has the appropriate visual correction.

Provide the worker with comfort with the prescription safety spectacle.

The prescription safety spectacle is the ultimate solution to provide the worker with protection, visual quality and optical correction throughout the working day without compromising on comfort. .

Avoiding visual fatigue

Prolonged work with uncompensated visual defects can influence the performance of work by increasing the worker’s visual fatigue. By correcting these defects, we will be helping workers to carry out their work activities more safely.

Early detection of visual dysfunctions

According to the statistics carried out, 63% of the population has some refractive defect. Providing workers with regular visual check-ups allows for the early detection of possible visual dysfunctions that may interfere with or hinder their work.

In conclusion, graduated protective goggles are considerably more accepted for the comfort they offer and the visual quality they provide, while at the same time providing better levels of safety and having a positive impact on profitability by making the worker more productive.

Leave it all up to us.

At Pegaso we are specialists in prescription protective glasses, we offer you a comprehensive service to equip your workers with the right protectors, making the whole process easier. You will be able to carry out all the management in a simple and easy way thanks to the most advanced customized graduate platform. The Wecustom technology allows an agile tracking and control of orders from any device.


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