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Our special models of tactical glasses, for airsoft and sport shooting practice.  Different types of glasses: made with polarized and solar lenses, goggles and all of them certified.


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Use of tactical glasses for Airsoft

Protective glasses are an essential safety element both in the practice of airsoft and for sport shooting, hunting, paintball or any activity with risk of projections and impact towards our eyes. During these activities we must also take care of natural sunlight or artificial light that can harm our eyesight, that is why here you will find a variety of models of both solar and colorless airsoft glasses.

Goggles are a complement as well as very necessary, mandatory when using weapons, such as in airsoft, since they can prevent the impact of dust or fragments that can damage the eye part.

Composition of military style airsoft glasses

This type of glasses have the mission of protecting the eye from a strong impact and also offering protection from both natural and artificial light. Normally they are composed of a polycarbonate lens, being a material of great hardness, allowing the tactical glasses in addition to serving as protection, being durable and resistant to bumps or scratches.

As for the rest of the components, it will depend exactly on the use that they are going to be given. Apart from the most common purpose that is to protect, comfort is also sought, something that can change a lot depending on the preferences and needs of the user. A single lens goggle with an elastic band such as the LITE model, safety glasses with an elastic band such as the IMAX or impact resistant sun protection glasses such as the BLACK&WHITE SOLAR may be preferred.

This variant, the types of lighting, is important to take into account when choosing an airsoft goggle, as it will determine which lens is most appropriate for a certain environment. If, for example, our activity takes place in environments with excessive sunlight and we need a lens that provides much more contrast and reduces annoying glare, we will choose a polarized lens such as F1 polarized as our tactical glasses. On other occasions, it is very common that during the airsoft game, when entering and leaving places, we have a lot of difference in brightness / darkness for which the best type of lenses are the photochromic lenses that self-darken or clear themselves, for example the FOTOCROM .

Frequently Asked Questions


What types of glasses for airsoft are there?

There are a variety of models, but among them the most important characteristics stand out: the possibility that they are ballistic or that they have a lens with high resistance to impact (Resistance F, EN166, CE), which seal completely or a large part of the eye area but with good ventilation, in order to avoid the access of small particles and the possibility of having an elastic band that fits the head to avoid falls, although sometimes rods may be required for another type of use, situation or activity.

What types of sun glasses are recommended to play airsoft?

A type of very practical sun protection glasses for airsoft games with those with PHOTOCHROMATIC lenses. These lenses react to the amount of sunlight they receive and can self-clear or darken on their own depending on the radiation. This is useful to maintain good visibility, for example in the face of recurring entry and exit to different areas with very different types of lighting. It is also possible to choose sunglasses with certified protection filters, resistant to impacts.

Are tactical glasses also suitable for urban use?

Tactical glasses due to their design have a military style and are also made with the necessary quality and resistance for this purpose. But they can be used for different activities from protection to security forces, such as in daily street work or in a shooting competition.

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