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At Pegaso we have designed a line of sports and urban style glasses with protective lenses, that is, certified in independent approved laboratories. In our online store you can buy glasses at the best price and with the highest quality. Our experience of more than 60 years manufacturing glasses makes us a benchmark in eye protection and design. We have exclusive models that you can only find on our website. Meet the Pegaso patented lateral protection system for open glasses, with two pieces or wings that are placed on the temples to protect you from the wind and extreme sun.On this site you will find all our products and recommendations for the appropriate purchase of the model of glasses that best suits you. If you have questions contact us, we offer a personalized treatment for each client our customer service department will provide advice.Whether you are daring, classic, casual or more traditional, in our online store you will find a variety of styles from very modern to iconic, unique designs and the latest in fashion glasses for men or women.All our glasses are certified as Personal Protective Equipment.We thank you for visiting our site and we hope to become your eyewear reference too.

Frequently asked questions


What is the UV filter on the lenses?

It is a transparent filter to visible light that is applied to the lenses of the glasses. It blocks the sun’s rays by absorbing ultraviolet radiation without changing the exposure.

What are the best sunglasses?

Those that fulfill the function that your daily activity needs, has nothing to do with the price. If your work is constantly exposed to intense sun, it is recommended that it be polarized, if you only have clarity or carry out driving activities, it can simply be solar.

How to clean polarized sunglasses?

The best option to leave them looking like new is to rub them gently with a microfiber cloth. If they are very dirty, you can rinse them first with warm water and dry them with a clean cotton cloth. Products containing alcohol should never be used as they can damage the lens.

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