Anti-impact safety glasses

We present our range of models of safety glasses perfect for work activities with high risk of impact such as construction, metallurgy, mining, all kinds of workshops and even for night vision.

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    The importance of wearing impact goggles

    As manufacturers of work safety glasses with more than 60 years of experience, we know well that each job is exposed to different risks, so our main objective is to reduce occupational accidents that are currently present both in the industrial environment, construction, chemical and even in an operating room.

    The price when choosing a safety glasses

    In our wide range of anti-impact protection glasses you can find all kinds of models and prices depending of its use and purpose. You should not choose a glasses simply for the price but for the needs that your job requires. All this will also have to do with the regulations that are necessary to comply with, both in the lenses and in the frame.

    Regulations must comply with my protection glasses against impact for work

    Depending on the level of risk and In the environment in which your work is located, you must choose a lens with an appropriate level of impact. You should also take into account different additional requirements, such as choosing anti-liquid, anti-fog glasses, against electrical environments or even evaluating the different sunscreens you can find, such as ultraviolet or infrared, depending on whether your work environment is outside or inside.

    Frequent questions


    What are the best night vision safety glasses?

    Glasses that allow you to increase the light with a yellow lens and panoramic vision. The Aventur from Pegaso would be the perfect example.

    How long does the anti-fog treatment last in a safety glass?

    It will depend on the use and care of the glasses. If you use alcohol to clean the lenses, the treatment deteriorates sooner, if you also rub the lenses very regularly that layer will come off much faster or if you neglect the glasses and the treatment is not very good this can also affect the duration. At Pegaso we give a 2-year guarantee on our protection lenses and 1 year on the anti-fogging treatment applied to them.

    Are anti-impact glasses also suitable for an electrician?

    The counter-impact glasses have all the characteristics and properties of a safety glass against any type of impact, whether in a construction, workshop, mining, automotive or especially electricity field. Anyway, if what you need is something specific for electricity, we recommend glasses without metal components, such as the Organik models.

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