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Know how to choose a work protection goggle

The eye is fragile and vulnerable, a simple superficial irritation can cause small injuries or in some cases, irreversible injuries. Not just any glasses in common use protect against particles, chemical drops or welding sparks. It is necessary to choose robust and safety glasses suitable for your work environment. Therefore, in the first place it is recommended to analyze the risks to which your work activity is exposed..


Type of glasses according to the type of risk

We must analyze the risks to which we are exposed, we can differentiate several types:

· Mechanical risk: your glasses should protect you from impacts
· Chemical or biological risk: DThey must protect you from chemical risks or microorganisms
· Electric risk: They must protect you from UV rays, heat and particles
· Thermal risk: They must protect you from hot particles and intense rays
· Radiation risks: They must protect you from IR, UV and lasers.

In addition, if your environment is humid, you can add an anti-fog or anti-fog treatment. Or if your work activity requires it, you can also add anti-scratch or anti-reflective treatment.


Safety glasses certification

All glasses must be marked according to the level of protection with which they comply. This can be found both in the lens and in the frame.


We help you choose your safety glasses

We know that when choosing labor protection glasses there are always doubts, both in terms of features and characteristics of the glasses and in the necessary regulations, whether to choose which filter is used according to our work or modality required by me according to the activity. With the following video you can see that the process of choosing your work glasses is much easier. In any case, if you have any questions, you can contact our customer service department and they can accompany you in your selection process.

Frequent questions


What are the best lenses for a work protection glasses?

Depending on the activity you do. There are lenses that are harder or resistant to high temperatures and scratches such as polycarbonate, this being the most common in neutral protective glasses. Also organic or mineral lenses that are more resistant to chemicals and are used in prescription safety glasses.


Where can I buy a Pegaso safety glasses?

In any industrial supply or hardware store. You can also contact our customer service department.


How to choose safety glasses?

There are many types of work safety glasses among our entire catalog of safety glasses, so you need to select the ones that best fit the performance that the worker must do. Among them you can find glasses with glass lenses, polycarbonate, etc. Depending on the work environment at work, it is advisable to buy glasses with certain characteristics. For protection from corrosive liquids and chemicals, the Goggles are perfect. For welding you must choose ones with the appropriate DIN for your use. For construction, prescription full-rim or universal rim glasses with side shield.

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