Blue Light Glasses for computer and devices with screen


By making intensive use of screens we expose ourselves to the blue light they emit. Either because you work or study with the computer, because you look at your mobile more and more, you are a gamer or you enjoy your free time doing serial marathons, always wear protective glasses for your eyes.

They help reduce eyestrain, headaches, dryness and red eyes, symptoms of Computer Visual Syndrome (CVS). Also, less exposure to blue light at night helps improve rest.

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BLUESTOP is a powerful treatment that we apply to our lenses and that works by filtering 40% of blue light. This level of filter has been certified by the laboratory under ISO 16321-1: 2019 standards to ensure its quality and effectiveness.

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Our glasses are certified as Personal Protective Equipment, under the CE EN 166 standard. Glasses with a blue light filter for screens are important for the visual health and productivity of office workers. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Blue Light Glasses

What is the Blue Light and why protect us?

Blue light is a type of short-wave, high-energy light that is associated with increased light scattering, which causes a natural glare that is a major cause of eyestrain. The light emitted by the screens of our devices has a higher percentage of blue light than natural light, so it is important to protect us from overexposure to be more than 3 hours in front of screens with glasses for screens, with blue light filter.


What are they for?

Computer glasses or blue light act by blocking a percentage of the blue light emitted by the screens to avoid overexposure and thus reduce its consequences, such as Computer Vision Syndrome and its symptoms (headache, dry eyes, red eyes and insomnia).


What should I consider when buying computer glasses?

When buying computer glasses, for screens, take into account that they are glasses with blue light filter certified by an approved laboratory and under the ISO 16321-1:2019 standards to ensure their quality. Our blue light goggles are also a CE certified PPE.

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