21 October, 2020

Sunglasses that protect you from the Coronavirus

Pegaso Safety » Blog »Sunglasses that protect you from the Coronavirus In summer the intense sun requires us to wear sunglasses with an adequate solar filter […]
21 October, 2020

How to clean your glasses correctly and how often?

Pegaso Safety » Blog » How to clean your glasses correctly and how often? Viruses and bacteria accumulate daily on surfaces and can survive for hours, putting […]
12 May, 2020

Wear prescription glasses or safety glasses?

At work we need to see well and for this we use prescription glasses. But there are tasks in which in addition to seeing well […]
12 May, 2020

5 signs that you urgently need to wear work glasses

Do I really need to wear safety glasses to work? We want to help you assess whether or not you need to wear […]
12 May, 2020

Why have Pegaso safety glasses not stopped selling in 60 years?

There are companies that start up, work for a few years and in times of crisis they close. This is not the case with Optor, […]
12 May, 2020

Why and when to choose photochromic work glasses?

Photochromic lenses have the particularity of darkening in a few moments, depending on the intensity of the sunlight they receive. They are an excellent option […]
12 May, 2020

What material are the lenses of a safety glass made of?

In the manufacture of safety glasses, all the components fulfill their function. None of them are assembled without first passing various stress tests. […]
12 May, 2020

How to protect ourselves against the coronavirus in this new phase?

Pegaso Safety » Blog » How to protect ourselves against the coronavirus in this new phase? We have started the de-escalation within the Coronavirus crisis, many workers […]
29 April, 2020

3 Reasons Why Wearing Prescription Safety Glasses Makes You More Productive

Many people wear prescription glasses. There are those who use them throughout the day and those who use them on time, to read for example. […]
23 April, 2020

Care against COVID-19: Three useful tips

Pegaso Safety » Blog » Cautions against COVID-19: Three useful tips   One of the main points of the Coronavirus infection are our eyes, […]
23 April, 2020

Coronavirus Alert: What kind of safety glasses to use?

Pegaso Safety » Blog »Coronavirus Alert. What kind of protective glasses do we have to use?   In these days of global health scare caused by […]