25 March, 2023
hombre con gafas graduadas verdes

Who should wear safety goggles in a workshop?

Working in a workshop can pose a series of eye risks due to exposure to flying particles, chemicals, and bright lights. Without adequate protection, these risks […]
20 January, 2023
salud auditiva pegaso

Effects of noise on hearing health

What effects does noise have on hearing health? Exposure to excessive noise without the application of control and protection measures has very negative effects on our […]
3 January, 2023
hombre con lentes pegaso

What is the best prescription lens coating for wet working environments?

The best prescription lens coating for wet work environments depends on the specific needs of the individual and the specific characteristics of the workplace. However, some […]
9 November, 2022
proteccion auditiva pegaso

Functioning of the ear: Structure and parts

The ear is one of the five senses of the human body and as such is exposed to millions of stimuli. The environment is uncontrollable and, […]
28 October, 2022
colaboracion elena barraquer

Pegaso safety, partner of the Elena Barraquer Foundation in the fight against blindness in more than 20 countries.

Since 2004, Dr. Elena Barraquer has focused much of her passion, energy and determination on fighting cataracts, currently the leading cause of preventable blindness in the […]
17 October, 2022
gafas graduadas pegaso

How often is it advisable to graduate workers?

The main objective of occupational health surveillance is to better understand the impact of work on workers’ health, so that it is possible to improve working […]
17 October, 2022
tapones proteccion auditiva

Do hearing protection helmets work?

Work environments where workers are exposed to high noise levels can cause irreversible hearing damage. Therefore, in environments where noise exposure is unavoidable, hearing protection becomes […]
6 September, 2022
gestión coordinada

How to graduate workers in a coordinated and efficient way?

Providing workers with personal protective equipment may not be an easy task if it is not standard equipment, as is the case with customised safety glasses […]
27 July, 2022
featured image from glasses delivery registration post

How to keep the proof of delivery of prescription glasses to workers?

The Royal Decree 773/1997 of May 30, 1997 determines, within the framework of the Occupational Risk Prevention Law 31/1995 of November 8, 1995, the minimum health […]
14 July, 2022
Man with fogged glasses

How to solve fogging in prescription safety glasses?

Lens fogging is a very common and daily situation that has increased in the last period with the use of face masks. However, there are many […]
1 June, 2022
sobregafas de seguridad

Wear over-goggles or prescription safety glasses?

Statistically, more than 60% of the working population wears prescription glasses. The most comfortable and effective solution to this need is: prescription safety spectacles. The eye […]
27 April, 2022
duration of protective goggles

How to make your prescription glasses last as long as possible?

The use of eye protection equipment in work where eye hazards are present makes eye protection goggles a faithful companion in the workplace. In the case […]
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