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Our face shields provide worker safety with a liquid, drop or splash protection cover. Recommended for use in combination with a mask, in order to have a comprehensive coverage of the face.

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Safety and face protection

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When it is convenient to use protective face shields

This type of visor is used for protection against liquid splashes or drops of potentially infectious substances. It is an EPI that is useful for the safety of workers of different types of activities since, together with the mask, they are a barrier to avoid contagion in the event of exposure, for example, to the Coronavirus (COVID19), as can happen in works with attention to the public.

What matters for its use

The face shields are easy to assemble, they contain a fully adjustable headgear for the user. They are light, comfortable and practical. Compatible with the use of glasses underneath.

Face shields for sanitary use

This product has been manufactured following the current requirements and regulations for use as Personal Protective Equipment for eyes and face, to protect against COVID-19. It can be used for safety in a sanitary environment.

Frequent questions


What function do protective screens have?

Its function is to prevent the entry of liquids, and together with the use of the mask to avoid contamination of the eyes, nose and mouth. In this way they provide fundamental protection for workers exposed to bacteria and viruses and who need it on days like these Coronavirus protection glasses.

Where can I buy facial displays?

To buy safety glasses you can contact our customer service department.

Can I use combine the use of the protective visor with my own glasses?

The answer is yes, the model is compatible with the use of your prescription glasses underneath. The colorless anti-fog visor also provides clear vision.

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