Health Sector safety goggles

Models of protective glasses against viruses and biological agents, indicated for medical and health use. Quality and specific certification for labor protection in activities in the sector. Safety against drops or splashes of liquids and chemicals.

Care and protection for health sector workers

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When to wear health sector safety goggles

These protective glasses for medical and health sector use are useful when there are biological risks, that is, splashing of liquids or potentially infectious substances. It is a preventive measure in this type of work activity that acts as a barrier to avoid contagion via the eye with these biological agents. For example, for some health workers exposed to the Coronavirus (COVID19) these types of glasses are part of the necessary Individual Protective Equipment. Some goggles for the Coronavirus (COVID19) prepared and with all the necessary characteristics for used in this case and any other health case.  

What to take into account when choosing a protective goggle for medical use

It is important to choose the model according to the qualities and certifications that the glasses must meet taking into account the task to be performed by the worker along with the risks to which it is exposed. Another factor to take into account if there is direct exposure to viral or bacterial patients is that the glasses must be completely closed and have a good adherence to the face. On the other hand, we must think about the comfort when working and the compatibility with prescription glasses, if necessary. 

Prescription Health Sector glasses

This type of glasses, being single-lens models, is complex at the moment to add prescription them. For this reason, it is best to use it as eyewear over personal prescription glasses.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the function of Health Sector goggle?

Its main function is to prevent the entry of liquids, biologists and also powders or chemicals in the eyes, protecting health in work environments such as hospitals or laboratories. They are a fundamental protection barrier for health workers exposed to bacteria and viruses and who need Coronavirus protection glasses on days like these. 

Where can I buy safety glasses or goggles for medical use?

Find our Pegaso Health Sector protection glasses by contacting our customer service department. 

Can I use combining the use of goggles with my own glasses?

Yes, there are models that are compatible with the use of your prescription glasses below. Goggles act as eyeglasses, for your comfort when working.

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