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Our special models of tactical glasses, made with polarized and solar lenses, all of them certified.


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Wearing military glasses

The tactical glasses are essential as an element of protection and defense, both for the security forces and for those who practice sports such as airsoft, hunting, paintball, shooting or anyone who needs this type of protection against possible impacts or under natural or artificial light. that can damage the sight. It is a very necessary complement when using weapons, since they can prevent the impact of dust or fragments that can damage the eye part.

Those who are exposed in habitual situations of ocular risks derived from their work with weapons and from the possible attacks that they can receive using them, will be protected thanks to the fact that our glasses are made with materials of extreme hardness and great resistance. Also those who are amateurs and professionals of sports with weapons, either with real bullets as in hunting or shooting, or with similar ones like in airsoft or paintball.


Composition of military style glasses

This type of glasses has the mission of protecting the eye from a strong impact and also offering protection from both natural and artificial light. They are normally composed of a polycarbonate lens, being a very hard material, allowing the tactical glasses to be durable and resistant to shocks or scratches, in addition to serving as protection.

As for the other components, it will depend exactly on the use that they are going to give it. Apart from the most common purpose that is to protect, comfort is also sought, something that can change a lot depending on the user’s preferences.

Another variant to take into account when choosing a military goggle is the types of lighting, which will determine which lens is more appropriate for a certain environment. If for example our activity is carried out in environments with excess sunlight and we need a lens that provides much more contrast, we will choose a polarized lens for our tactical glasses. In any case, sunglasses with a solar lens can also provide us with good quality and these will be cheaper.

Frequently Asked Questions


What types of tactical glasses are there?

An infinite variety of glasses, but among them the most important characteristics stand out: the possibility that they are ballistic or that they have a lens of high impact resistance, that they completely or largely seal the eye area in order to prevent access by small particles and the possibility of having an elastic band that adjusts to the head to avoid falls, although sometimes rods may be required for another type of use, situation or activity.


Are tactical glasses good for playing airsoft?

They are glasses designed for security forces, so the answer is a resounding YES, since they resist a high intensity impact. This type of sports activity requires glasses of this style.


Are tactical glasses also for urban use?

Tactical glasses due to their design have a military style and are also made with the necessary quality and resistance for this purpose. But they can be used for different activities from protection to security forces, such as in daily street work or in a shooting competition.

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