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The Atope brand, manufactured by Pegaso, provides glasses at affordable prices with the highest quality and for occasional use. These glasses are useful for example for the protection of visitors or they can also be used for sporadic activities in risky environments such as particles, solar, impact, etc. There are different models, with side protection, sunscreen or colorless and even the option of glasses covers.

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Protective glasses for different work environments

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Safety glasses at affordable prices are the best option for visits

In many occasions we have visits in the company that require protective glasses to visit the production plant. That is why we have the best option for it. In the Atope range offered by Pegaso you will be able to count on certified protection glasses at a very low cost, which will allow you to place an order for large quantities for all annual company visits, so there will be no need to worry every time outsiders come gathers in our production plants.

Price does not influence the quality of the protective lens

We can sometimes think that when we see a low price the quality will not be very good, but sometimes it is not. The Atope range offers the best quality in its products, since they are tested by laboratories specialized in impact tests, all products being certified with impact resistant safety lenses of up to 45 meters/second.In this range you can find all kinds of economic products, from a colorless glasses to a solar safety glasses or a cover. All of them are prepared for the working world, but we recommend that if it is for long-term and daily use, you better value the possibility of a more complete goggle in terms of technical characteristics.In them we can include several options, depending on whether you need sun protection, welding, laboratory or even prescription glasses.

Characteristics to take into account when choosing a cheap industrial glasses

– Materials: The most common material that we find in this type of glasses is Polycarbonate, a material recommended for its resistance and quality.- Clarity: It is important that they do not present a distortion of the image, that is, that there are no obstacles in your vision or make it uncomfortable or forced.- Size: This factor matters a lot when you wear glasses covers over your prescription glasses. It allows to have a higher degree of protection while maintaining perfect vision.- Adjustment: In some models we can find the front or the adjustable rods, which can facilitate the coupling to each facial appearance.- Protection level: Our glasses have side protectors, which prevent the access of particles in the ocular part.- Protection standards: We refer to the regulations and certificates in force at the European level on the quality and level of safety that each of the glasses offers its resistance.

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What are you protecting yourself from?

Good safety glasses not only protect you from light and dangerous objects but also keep you safe from splashes, dust, etc. Think about your environment or activity and choose a model that effectively protects you.

Where can I buy cheap, certified quality safety glasses?

Safety glasses in general is an article of work protection with a minimal investment that can protect something so important to your vision. This type of PPE can be purchased from industrial supplies or hardware stores. You can also contact our customer service department.

Why are low-cost goggles the best option for company visits?

Many times we have punctual and sporadic visits to our production plant and the use of labor protection equipment is mandatory. We can even count on large groups, so we propose this type of low cost glasses with the best features and quality, which ensure maximum eye safety including the certification that determines the level of protection they resist and for what use they are usually used. It is the best option for this type of occasion.

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