6 September, 2022
gestión coordinada

How to graduate workers in a coordinated and efficient way?

Providing workers with personal protective equipment may not be an easy task if it is not standard equipment, as is the case with customised safety glasses […]
27 July, 2022
featured image from glasses delivery registration post

How to keep the proof of delivery of prescription glasses to workers?

The Royal Decree 773/1997 of May 30, 1997 determines, within the framework of the Occupational Risk Prevention Law 31/1995 of November 8, 1995, the minimum health […]
14 July, 2022
Man with fogged glasses

How to solve fogging in prescription safety glasses?

Lens fogging is a very common and daily situation that has increased in the last period with the use of face masks. However, there are many […]
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