R&D Innovation & Design


We love our work, so we look at every detail from the start. We design all glasses from scratch at our headquarters in Barcelona.

We have millions of satisfied customers. It is the result of many hours spent to innovate and optimize each model.

Our glasses are designed to protect our customers with the best comfort.

Pegaso’s Manufacturing process consists in 4 phases:

1. Sketch. The first step is to draw a sketch in pencil highlighting model’s general lines, with its protection functions and its innovative aspects.

2. 3D modeling . A 3-dimensional model is designed with detailed precision in the elements that will form the glasses.

3. Prototyping. A physical prototype of the model is manufactured using the latest 3D printing laser technology. The result is a prototype that behaves ergonomically as a finished eye protector. At this point, the R&D department corrects and reviews it to achieve optimal ergonomics and esthetics. This process is repeated until a perfect result is achieved.

4. Production. After the optical and mechanical quality tests, a first batch is manufactured in order to test its performance and resistance by an independent certified laboratory.

The success of this process is confirmed when the glasses fit comfortably and provide protection for their use.

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