Pegaso Eyeprotector

Genuine since 1956

In January 1956 the automotive industry commissioned Dr. Luis Torrents to design and manufacture protective glasses. This is how these legendary glasses were born.
The first order was to protect Pegaso workers at the truck factory in Barcelona. The quality and the prescription protective glasses increased their demand. “Give me PEGASO glasses” became popular refered to safety glasses.
In 1978, PEGASO glasses had already become the market leader and, thanks to Mario Gorina, the company continued to innovate and develop novel eye protection systems. The company did not stop manufacturing and supplying protective glasses to the most important companies in the country, always maintaining its leading position in visual security.
Since 2006, the company has been run by the founder’s grandson, Iván Gorina, who combines tradition, expertise in eye safety and a passion for innovation. In recent years, Pegaso’s design, digititalization and globalization have been strongly promoted, always remaining faithful to its founding values.

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