Dr. Elena Barraquer

Dr. Elena Barraquer with her PEGASO SAFE & FUN glasses at the start of the Regatta organised by the Barraquer Foundation. Dr. Barraquer is the Foundation’s Executive Director.

José Mª Van der Ploeg

 Olympic champion in the 92 Barcelona Olympics, World and European Champion on several occasions.

Juan josé Company

 Sub Spain Aerobatic Champion Cup Champion Pyrenees and Catalonia

Walk: Raquel González

Silver Medal JJOO + Best spanish time 5km & 20km march. 21 times medal Spanish Championship. Spanish national team & Barça athlete.  

Rally Classics: Joaquín Cumellas

Classic Series driver – Espectacular race where participates motorbikes and automobiles built before 1986 .

Extreme Swimmer: Alex Gorina

Swimmer, has crossed the Strait of Gibraltar. The distance: 17.4 km, Time: 3h 40 min.


Running: José Luis Blanco

Athlete at the Beijing Olympics, silver medallist at the 2006 European championships, silver medallist at the 2001Mediterranean Games and gold medallist at the 2000 Ibero-American 

Pádel: Toni Bueno 

PEGASO collaborating with Toni Bueno, Member of the Catalan Paddle Tennis Federation, currently ranked in 17th position.  

Tennis: Roger Lacaci 

Roger Lacaci has participated in TrainWalker 2014 - 100 km Run running seventh position.

Sailor: Xavi García Muret

World Championship 1986. Preolimpic Team Barcelona '92 & Atlanta '96

Athletics: Sara Gallego 

Sara Gallego is champion of Catalonia 600 mts and number one in the ranking of Spain. 

Motorcycling: Carlos Sotelo

Ex Pilot Rally - 3rd place Paris Dakar (1997) and sportscaster TVE - TDP 

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